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JScript Panel v1.1.7b1 (foo_jscript_panel)

- FIX: Remove trailing space in "Console" when using fb.Trace.
- FIX: Thumbs sample. Fix issue where using %profile% in the "Custom folder" setting would fail if the profile path contained special title formatting characters like %()[]'
- CHG: Remove "Grab focus" and "Delay load" from "Configuration" window. Both options are forced on for all panels. Don't want to give a panel focus? Don't click it! Let me know if you think "Delay load" on all panels has noticeable side effects.
- CHG: Some internal refactoring which is why we have a beta. I need more users to test I didn't break anything!


JScript Panel v1.2.0 (foo_jscript_panel)

ADD: If your computer has IE9 or later installed, newer ECMAScript5 features
     are now available. Many thanks to TheQwertiest for discovering how to do this.
CHG: The "Script engine" option has been removed from the "Configuration" window.
     The newer Chakra engine is always used if available but will fall back to
     JScript if not.
ADD: utils.version reports the component version. See docs\interfaces.txt.
CHG: Minor tweaks to Configuration window.
FIX: Update samples\jsplaylist-mod so it works with Chakra engine. Thanks to zeremy
     for reporting.
FIX: A previous window.RepaintRect bug reported by Wilb has now been fixed.
FIX: Zap a few more compiler warnings.


JScript Panel v1.2.2 (foo_jscript_panel)

Zitat- ADD: Add new "on_main_menu" callback. 10 main menu items have been created meaning you can now bind them to global keyboard shortcuts, standard toolbar buttons, etc and have them run your own custom code. See docs\callbacks.txt


SQLite Viewer 1.0.3 (foo_sqlite)Updater
- fixed: Using the round() function didn't work properly anymore
- fixed: crash, if a column in a filter condition had a null value
- other: upgrade to SQLite 3.91.1

[CUI/DUI] SQL Tree 2.0.2 (foo_uie_sql_tree)Updater
- fixed: crash, if foo_sqlite was not installed
- fixed: rare crash during opening the context menu of the tree
- other: at least foo_sqlite 1.0.3 is required
- other: at least ColumnsUI 0.5.1 is required now, if ColumnsUI is used


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JScript Panel v2.0.0 (foo_jscript_panel)

WICHTIG! Diese Version ist nicht kompatibel mit alten Skripten, d.h. fast alle JScripte müssen angepasst werden. Diese Version ist nicht kompatibel mit tedgos DarkOne!

- CHG: Requires foobar2000 v1.4. It will not load with anything earlier.
- CHG: fb.Trace has been removed and replaced with a native console.log method.
       It takes multiple arguments as before.
- CHG: All callbacks/methods with "Color" in the name have been renamed
       with "Colour". This will break most scripts!
       on_colors_changed -> on_colours_changed
       utils.ColorPicker -> utils.ColourPicker
       utils.GetSysColor -> utils.GetSysColour
       window.GetColorCUI -> window.GetColourCUI
       window.GetColorDUI -> window.GetColourDUI
       IGdiBitmap GetColorScheme -> GetColourScheme
- CHG: The IFbPlaybackQueueItem interface and plman.CreatePlaybackQueueItem
       method have been removed.
- CHG: plman.GetPlaybackQueueContents has been replaced with plman.GetPlaybackQueueHandles
       which returns a handle list. You can check the Count property so there is no longer
       any need for plman.GetPlaybackQueueCount and plman.IsPlaybackQueueActive
       which have been removed.
- CHG: on_refresh_background_done and window.GetBackgroundImage have both
       been removed.
- CHG: The IGdiBitmap BoxBlur method has been removed. Try StackBlur instead.
- CHG: IContextMenuManager InitContext only accepts a handle list as an argument.
- CHG: Anyone who has a "js_settings" folder in their foobar2000 profile folder
       from using my previous samples should move the contents in to the "js_data"
       folder. Typically, this would be autoplaylists.json, thumbs.ini, listenbrainz.ini.
- NEW: Enable Windows XP support. Also, support for Vista/7/WINE with IE7/IE8 has
       been restored. ES5 features are still supported for those with IE9 or later.
       If your scripts crash after upgrading and making the changes outlined above, make
       sure to check the "Script Engine" setting in the "Configuration Window".
- NEW: Add utils.WriteTextFile. Always creates a UTF8-BOM file.
- NEW: Add window.Name property. See docs\interfaces.txt.
- NEW: Add a custom "Playback Stats" backend and "handle" methods for writing values.
       This has had breaking changes since "Beta4" so any existing users must look at updated
       wiki and update their script. All previously saved data should be fine.

See the following pages for full details:


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Columns UI v1.0.0-alpha.1 (foo_ui_columns)

ZitatUpgrade notes
Removal of support for Windows XP and Vista
Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported:

it is increasingly difficult and time-consuming to test on these operating systems (in addition to other supported versions)
newer APIs that the component uses are not compatible with older operating systems (or in the case of some Visual C++ run-time library features, appear to work but misbehave in unexpected ways)
If you're using one of those operating systems, you should stick with version 0.5.1 (or upgrade to a newer operating system).

Removal of Columns playlist
When NG playlist was introduced over 10 years ago, the intention was always that it would replace Columns playlist. As NG playlist has superseded Columns playlist for some time, Columns playlist has now been removed. On upgrade, any Columns playlist instances in your layout will be replaced by NG playlist (now simply named playlist view).

This also means that the legacy syntax for style and global scripts (that do not use $set_style() and $set_global()) will no longer work. (The legacy syntax was replaced by the newer function-based syntax around 13 years ago.)

If you're currently using Columns playlist and aren't sure if you're using legacy syntax for those scripts, you can (using your current Columns UI version) disable the 'Enable legacy support for globals (Columns playlist only)' option in Preferences (under Columns UI/Playlist view/Globals), or switch to NG playlist, to see what effect they have on the appearance of your playlist view.

Further information on the current syntax for global variables usage and style scripts can be found via these links:

If you're a current Columns playlist user, you may also want to keep a backup of your Columns UI configuration file before upgrading (in case you decide to downgrade to the latest stable version and revert to Columns playlist). You can locate the configuration file by starting foobar2000 and then holding Shift and clicking on 'File/Browse configuration folder' from the main menu. The configuration file should then be foo_ui_columns.dll.cfg in the configuration sub-folder. You should close foobar2000 before backing it up or restoring it.

Playlist view
Removed the Columns playlist. On upgrade, any Columns playlist instances in layout presets will be replaced with NG playlist (now simply named playlist view). [#103, #114]

Slightly faster playlist grouping and sorting performance on multi-core PCs.

Right-clicking in empty space in the playlist view now correctly deselects all items and always displays a context menu. [#75]

Added a main menu command to toggle whether playlist groups are shown. (Additionally, if the menu item is added as button, the button will become pressed when the 'Show groups' is turned on.) [#100, #112]

Made system date title formatting fields always available and removed the associated option. [#123]

Filter panel
Significantly faster Filter panel performance on multi-core PCs. With a quad-core Intel Core-i7 6700K, initialisation time is just under half of what it was under 0.5.1 for a medium- to large-sized library.
Live layout editing
Added copy and paste context menu commands during live layout editing. [#121]
Refreshed the appearance of all preference pages. [#84, #85, #86, #87, #92, #93, #94, #95, #118]

Made panel copying and pasting in Layout preferences use the Windows clipboard. [#97]

Fixed a bug where pressing Enter or Return while editing a playlist grouping script would close the dialog box. [#48]

Updated the style and global script help commands to open web-based documentation. [#117]

Notification area
Added the ability to close foobar2000 to the notification area. [Contributed by tuxzz, #56]
Item details panel
Made the Item details panel load full metadata (including large fields such as lyrics) for selected items. (Note: full metadata for playing tracks is dependent on the input component.) [#68]
Added an output device toolbar (for foobar2000 1.4 and newer only). [#105]

Added a ReplayGain source mode toolbar (for foobar2000 1.4 and newer only). [#106, #116]

Added a DSP preset toolbar (for foobar2000 1.4 and newer only). [#115, #116]

Added a live layout editing button to the default buttons toolbar configuration. [#99]

Fixed a bug in the buttons toolbar where clicking on a context menu item button configured to use the 'Active selection' item group, with selection viewers set to prefer the playing track, would not have an effect if a track was playing. Now, the button will operate on the current selection as expected.

Corrected the display of the names of dynamic context menu items in buttons toolbar options. [#111]

Corrected the scale used in the volume bar so that -10 dB is at the 50% mark, -20 dB at the 25% mark etc. [#109]

Status pane
Corrected the status pane playback status when resume playback on start-up is enabled and foobar2000 is started when playback was previously paused.

Corrected the colour of text in the status pane when using high-contrast Windows themes. [Contributed by MAxonn, #59]

Configuration importing and exporting
Removed the ability to import FCS files.

Changed the syntax of CLI commands for importing configurations from FCL files. The commands now use the following syntax: /columnsui:import <path> and /columnsui:import-quiet <path>. [#47]

Added CLI commands for exporting the current configuration to an FCL file. The added commands are /columnsui:export <path> and /columnsui:export-quiet <path>. [#47]

The value of the 'Allow resizing of locked panels' setting is now available to other components. [#53]

Added a reliable mechanism for third-party splitter panels to store extra configuration data for child panels that persists through panel copy-and-paste operations. [#52]

Other changes
Added compatibility with Windows 10 system media transport controls under foobar2000 1.4. [#101]

Some minor changes to labels and layout in various dialogs.

Updated standalone dialogs to use the Segoe UI font. [#125]

Corrected the icons used in some dialogs. [#8]

The component is no longer compatible with Windows XP and Vista. Users of those operating systems are advised to stick with version 0.5.1.

Miscellaneous internal code refactoring.

Compiled with the foobar2000 1.4 SDK.

Compiled with Visual Studio 2017 15.7.


Columns UI v1.0.0-beta.1 (foo_ui_columns)


    Added support for horizontal mouse wheel scrolling in the playlist view and other list views (requires a mouse with a four-way mouse wheel). [#139]

    Reduced the minimum width of the output device toolbar. [#140]

    Column widths in the Item properties panel are now DPI-aware. [#141]

    Fixed misbehaviour when using the mouse wheel in various drop-down list toolbars. [#130]

    Fixed a problem in preferences where colour and font items from other components that don't have a name were using the name of another colour or font item. [#142]

    Compiled with Visual Studio 2017 15.8.

complete changelog: https://github.com/reupen/columns_ui/releases


Columns UI v1.0.0-rc.1 (foo_ui_columns)

ZitatFixed the inability to tab to the playlist view and other list views and fixed or worked around other tabbing misbehaviours. [#148, #150, #151, #152]

Re-added the colon after the 'Playing' and 'Paused' text in the status pane. [#153]

Fixed a bug where right-clicking on the Artwork view panel and selecting Options would show the wrong tab in Columns UI preferences. [#147, #155]

Compiled with Visual Studio 2017 15.9.


Columns UI v1.1.0 beta 1 (foo_ui_columns)

ZitatCustom fonts now scale when the display scaling factor (DPI) changes. [#159]

The scrolling behaviour of the playlist view and other list views was improved when clicking on partially visible items at the top or bottom of the view. [#160, ui_helpers#11]

List views now use themed focus rectangles when theming mode is enabled. [#166, ui_helpers#14, ui_helpers#15]

DPI scaling improvements were made to padding, lines and borders in list views. [#166, #184, ui_helpers#14, ui_helpers#22]

DPI scaling improvements were made to the status bar, status pane and Item details panel. [#184]

The default vertical item padding of the playlist view and playlist switcher was increased. [#167]

The height of the playlist view and filter panel column titles now varies with the vertical item padding setting. [#170, ui_helpers#16]

The scroll position is now preserved when adjusting playlist view, playlist switcher and filter panel settings that affect the vertical height and/or position of items. [#170, #172, ui_helpers#16, ui_helpers#17]

FCL files now include Filter panel and toolbar settings. [#175]

Playlist switcher and tab settings are now on separate tabs in preferences. [#179]

Changes to the playlist switcher title formatting script now apply instantly. [#179]

A bug was fixed where text copied in certain list views using Ctrl-C could be corrupted. [#186, ui_helpers#24]

A rare problem where a keyboard shortcut could be handled more than once when a natively-handled keyboard shortcut (such as Ctrl-C) was reassigned to another command was fixed. [#180, ui_helpers#20]

The behaviour of the Page Up and Page Down keys in the playlist and other list views was improved. [#180, ui_helpers#19]

The component is now compiled using Visual Studio 2019 16.1 and the foobar2000 SDK 2019-06-30.


Columns UI v1.2.0 rc 1 (foo_ui_columns)

ZitatA potential crash when the Item properties panel was refreshing its contents was fixed. [#218]

A problem was fixed where the buttons toolbar options dialog box may have shown blank or incomplete command names for buttons linked to unknown main menu items.

They will now say 'Unknown command', or end in '/Unknown' if they are dynamic commands. [#219]

Tooltips and the button text of buttons linked to dynamic context menu items now include the parent item (e.g. 'Convert/...' instead of '...'). [#219]

The status bar and status pane double-click action setting now handles dynamic main menu items correctly. [#220]

The playlist view empty area double-click action setting now handles dynamic main menu items correctly. [#220]