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foobar2000 v1.6 beta 1

ZitatLowest supported Windows version is now Windows 7. Windows XP is no longer supported.
Default output mode is now WASAPI shared.
New fading capability that works with alternate output modes.
Default archive reader now supports 7-zip format.
Added support for WebP album covers (Default UI, Properties dialog). Settings need to be changed to look for folder.webp instead of folder.jpg.
Removed mixer volume sync feature due to bugs.
Cleaned up foo_rgscan alter-file-content & alter-opus-header methods.
Removed obsolete edit-replaygain-info menu command since Properties dialog does the same now.
Added an option to disregard mouse forward/back buttons (by default mapped to previous/next track).
Double clicking a line in Properties album art tab now opens a fullsize image viewer.
Fileops & Converter: Added alternate handling of invalid filename characters, toggled in Advanced Preferences.
Freedb component updated: now queries all configured servers and displays results grouped by server.
Updated File Operations & Converter file name pattern picker dialog, now auto selects current pattern on open if possible.
CDDA reading no longer requires admin privileges on Windows Server.
Updated autoplaylist editing dialogs, made resizable.


foobar2000 v1.6 beta 2

ZitatStandard DSP Array is no longer an optional component, as it's required for new WASAPI output to work correctly. (beta 2)
Converter: Added a toggle for encoding thru temp folder to custom command-line encoder setup, required for some encoders that don't support Unicode. (beta 2)


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foobar2000 v1.6 beta 4

ZitatAdded alternate menu commands for opening Properties dialog with specific tab open, for mapping keyboard shortcuts only (beta 3).
Improved recovery from unplugged audio output device (beta 3).
beta 4: memory leak has been addressed.


foobar2000 v1.6 beta 5

ZitatFixed incorrect behavior when repeatedly hitting prev/next with fading enabled.
Fixed resetting Output Preferences page not unchecking the fading checkbox.
Fixed visualisations being jerky in some cases with fading enabled.
Prevented "device in use" error from appearing when toggling fading with WASAPI exclusive.