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Ein Update von foo_uie_tabs ist erschienen: Version 0.2.1 (09.07.06)

ZitatThis is the final version.

* Efixed display of the splitter panel in the tab.
* Efixed construction the layout tree of the tab in the tab in the Layout Page of Columns UI.
* Eimproving safety in reading config.
* Eupdated to latest SDK.

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Wo wir grad schon dabei sind:

Update: foo_uie_albumart 0.2.1 (18.06.06)
Ist zwar schon ne Zeit her aber ich hatte immer noch Version 0.176a. Eventuell bin ich nicht der einzige.

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Zitat0.2.0 (Cheran Shunmugavel)

     *** All your settings WILL be lost when upgrading from a previous version to this one!! ***


Habe das mal aus dem Foobarupdate Thread getrennt, solltet ihr Updates von Plugins mitbekommen dann postet das bitte hier.
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foo_version plugin 0.2

  • no more empty plugins dates (problem with nested dirs)
  • max buffer crash fix (happened when many plugins installed)
  • misc ouput generation fixes
thx@Strictly4me der dies im Deskmodderforum gepostet hat.
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foosic client 1.0 beta 9

Homepage - Forenbeitrag


foo_bluetooth_ctrl 1.03 defekter link entfernt - grimes

Zitat*  Incorporated bug fixes recieved from Richard Colley
   * Fixed a volume bug pointed out by Richard Colley

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foo_title, new version for 0.9 defekter link entfernt - grimes

ZitatFirst of all, this component is ported to foobar2000 v. 0.9 and it won't work with older releases. I've rewritten a lot of code.

         o Transparent skins
         o Thanks to Rui Godinho Lopes's PerPixelAlphaForm class, foo_title now supports layered transparent skins.
         o Property sheet support
         o Now you can adjust all properties in the property sheet (Display / foo_title), though there are not many of them :)
         o Reloading skin without the need to restart foobar
         o That must have been annoying :)
         o Support for new elements
         o Album art, scrolling text and buttons
         o Simpler and more robust C++ to .NET binding
         o This should make the component more stable

Zwei Skins sind im Download enthalten und es wird .NET Framework 2.0 benötigt.

Thread dazu im eng. Forum.

foo_custominfo 0.1.0 defekter link entfernt - grimes

Zitat- some minor optimizations/fixes.
- I think it's pretty stable now, but please notify me of any bugs if you find any.
- added a command for removing dead custominfo entries (useful if files have been moved/removed outside foobar2k). It is slow, though.

Thread dazu im eng. Forum
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Logitech G15 LCD Display Component

Zitat- Added Scrolling Text for Long Titles
- Decreased Font Size and Added Third Line
- Added Preferences Dialog to Customize Line Formats
- Added Use of Softkeys To Choose 1 of 4 Comments
- Added New Opening Screen

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foo_dsp_centercut v1.0.1

Zitatminor changes (renamed to foo_dsp_centercut instead of foo_centercut, doesn't request track change mark anymore, samples are scaled differently).

Be sure to delete foo_centercut.dll from your components directory if you downloaded the first version

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foo_version 0.3

  • added ListView mode by default with build date column
Thema dazu bei uns im Forum: foo_version
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foo_title debug

ZitatI have created a debug version which logs some of its actions to help me in finding the bug. So please download it here http://www.fi.muni.cz/~xplasil/download/debugfooTitle.zip

It contains the dlls and one testing skin which has only one image, please try to use this skin too.

How to use:
1) It writes foo_title.log to the current working directory, so make sure you run foobar2000 in it's directory (this can be set in the propertis of a shortcut)
2) When you start foobar, it will tell you that foo_managedWrapper is compiled in debug mode. That's ok.

When you get a bug, post the foo_title.log into a codebox here. Also useful may be the version of your Windows a service pack installed. Thanks
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LyricsDB 0.0.7 beta4

ZitatSo, that's new beta, should fix the issue with new foobar2000 betas



media info 0.2.0

Zitat* added config dialog to be up to date with the rest of the media player plugins  (custom macro names, progress bar, state values etc.)
* fixed crash that occured if current song had no ID3 details to provide
* added feature: details will update after streaming media is connected
* dynamic info from streaming media works well now



ZitatI just uploaded a new version that supports embedded cuesheets.

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foo_custominfo 0.1.1

Zitat- bugfix: config saving caused disabling of the component (thanks, Infernus)
- bugfix: titleformatting function names were interpreted wrong in certain cases
- bugfix: weird behavior of the pref. page tab control
- date/time variables available (only!) in the context menu commands: %_system_year%, %_system_month%, %_system_day%, %_system_dayofweek%, %_system_hour%, %_system_minute%, %_system_second%, %_system_millisecond%
- some internal improvements
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New AMIP 2.53 beta (2006-07-24)

Zitat+ Option to keep song in clipboard (allows to disable clipboard restoring), you need latest AMIP Configurator
+ Change callback, called only on song change

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foo_alarm 1.02

ZitatSimple plugin that starts playback at the specified period of time. Just set up the period on Preferences/Playback/Alarm page.

I'd like to use my computer as alarm clock but I am tired of waiting scheduler plugin. And I don't want to use any external schedulers. Now I select playlist that should be played early in the morning and switch computer to sleep mode. When computer wakes up, playback is started. Of course, it's possible to start playback and then switch to sleep mode, but usually I power off the computer late at night and I don't want to disturb anybody with loud music.


# 1.02
Changed the appearance of the preferences page

# 1.01
Fixed: preferences page isn't displayed under win 2k

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Album Art Panel
ZitatChange log for foo_uie_albumart
0.2.4 (Cheran Shunmugavel)
- Panel: Cycles through all wildcard matches, instead of just showing the first match
- Preferences (Sources): New "Import/Export" sources to and from text files
- Preferences (Sources): Removed "Copy sources to clipboard"
- New method of opening image files using fb2k SDK instead of GDI+
- Fixed: Image file should no longer be locked while Album Art Panel is displaying it
- Fixed: "Refresh" actually reloads the image file from disk

Zum Wiki ...!!
It doooon't mean a Th!ng, if it aaaaiiin't got that Sw!ng ...!!


Ich habe mir einmal die mühe gemacht und einige meiner wichtigsten components mit links zusammengestellt
sicher sind das nicht alle und können ergänzt werden

für Newbie's hilfreich und für Profis' eine Erweiterung

werde es auch erweitern wenn gewünscht und nach Möglichkeit


Wo sind da Links? ... Ah, geändert ... mit Adobe 7 nicht zu öffnen ...