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foobar2000 v2.0 beta 23

ZitatFixed missing CListControl accessibility support in 64-bit version.
Fixed crash after loss of audio output device while playing.
Fixed random shutdown crash when using Album List or ReFacets with filters.
Fixed wrong content shown in left pane of File Operations pattern picker.


foobar2000 v1.6.15

ZitatMaintenance release with changes backported from 2.0 series.
Less DSP reinitializing when cycling played tracks etc.
Fixed crash after loss of audio output device while playing.
RIFF64 format reading bug fixes.
Fixed playlist column layout changes not being remembered in certain scenarios.
Converter: Fixed very old bugs in AU writer.
Less strict reading of AIFF format.
Media Library: Don't report non-audio files (such as pictures or text) inside archives as indexing errors.
Fixed problems with accessing some non-UTF8-compliant FTP servers.


foobar2000 v1.6.16

ZitatReverted 1.6.15 optimization with fast DSP reinitialization on manual track change.
This behavior breaks many third party components and can't be enabled by default.
It's now available as an option because it improves performance when using heavy-to-initialize DSPs such as new VST adapter.


foobar2000 v2.0 beta 24

ZitatMade fast DSP reset (introduced in previous version) opt-in, as it breaks certain third party DSPs.
File Operations: Dark mode bug fixes.
Preferences / Shell: changed default target playlist name.
Fixed outdated info shown after editing tags in low-memory mode.
Properties Autofill logic amended.
Album List & ReFacets: improved handling of | character in tags.


foobar2000 v2.0 beta 25

ZitatFixed portable mode relative paths not being respected by playlist load/save operations.
Fixed bad MD5 verification of AIFF sourced WavPacks.
Reworked fb2k::configStore, now less prone to silly errors saving random configuration bits, should recover from momentary problems with the configuration file instead of crashing.
Slightly better communication between output device checkboxes vs output picker toolbar.
Better console logging if internet stream reconnect events.
Workaround for disappearing windows when dismissing certain DSP dialogs.
Dark Mode: Fixed some prompt headers having odd color.
Dark Mode: Fixed tri-state checkboxes.
Darkened classic MP3 utility dialogs.
Reworked first run & import of old foobar2000 settings. Import of old foobar2000 configuration is now optional.


foobar2000 v2.0 beta 26

ZitatPortable install playlist save lag regression from beta 25 fixed.
Made more edit boxes recognize ctrl+backspace.
Better info reporting for lossless DTS filies.


foobar2000 v2.0 beta 27

ZitatFixed playlist layout glitch causing unwanted scrolling during certain events.
Implemented fb2k::playlistColumnProvider::flag_alignCenter, was missing until now.
Disabled slow meta autocomplete in low-memory mode.
Properties: Log tag update errors to console.
Dark mode: fixed listbox scrollbars.
Worked around foo_input_dvda bugs, no longer crashes on null album art data returned.
Disabled behind-the-scenes unicode normalization of metadata, caused bugs with playback statistics pinning.
First run will rebuild index for playback statistics, might stall for a few seconds on startup. This is due to the above, corrects potential bad data.
New API: metadb_pre_update_callback, mainly intended to reliably notify foo_playcount about meta changes preventing data loss in corner cases.
ReFactes: Added multi value columns similar to original Facets.
ReFacets: Enter key in search box sends results to playlist.


foobar2000 v2.0 beta 28

ZitatNative foobar2000 for ARM is finally available.
Supports ARM builds of components but doesn't actually require them, can transparently load x64 code.
Native ARM version requires Windows 11. If you run Windows 10, you can still run legacy 32-bit foobar2000 through x86 emulation.
FFmpeg updated to 6.0.
Built-in Monkey's Audio support now uses FFmpeg. As Monkey's Audio is under rapid development, it's once again available as a separate component that can be updated separately from foobar2000 itself. The component has just been updated to latest Monkey's Audio library and fully supports modern CPU architectures.
Added extra sanity checks to tag update operations in built-in codecs: made sure that attempts to remove covers from files that didn't have them in first place don't alter files at all.