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SQLite Viewer 1.1.0 (foo_sqlite)Updater
- fixed: the strpos function caused an endless loop, if the search pattern was longer than the searched string
- added: the modules csv, eval, fileio, series and totype from the sqlite source tree as autoloaded modules
- added: the module md5 as autoloaded module
- added: the module unicode as autoloaded module
- added: the module uuid as autoloaded module
- added: the modules damerau_levenshtein, levenshtein and metaphone as autoloaded modules
- added: the custom functions regexp (which also implements the REGEXP operator of SQLite), regexp_replace, regexp_replace_first and regexp_search
- added: the custom function strsortgroup
- other: upgrade to SQLite 3.20.0

[CUI/DUI] SQL Tree 2.03 (foo_uie_sql_tree)Updater
- fixed: rare crash during drag and drop operations
- fixed: a query which contained parentheses inside a string were not properly parsed in a node query
- other: at least foo_sqlite 1.1.0 is required


18. Januar 2018, 20:57:15 #106 Letzte Änderung: 19. Januar 2018, 15:20:56 von grimes
JScript Panel v2.0.0 (foo_jscript_panel)

WICHTIG! Diese Version ist nicht kompatibel mit alten Skripten, d.h. fast alle JScripte müssen angepasst werden. Diese Version ist nicht kompatibel mit tedgos DarkOne!

- CHG: Requires foobar2000 v1.4. It will not load with anything earlier.
- CHG: fb.Trace has been removed and replaced with a native console.log method.
       It takes multiple arguments as before.
- CHG: All callbacks/methods with "Color" in the name have been renamed
       with "Colour". This will break most scripts!
       on_colors_changed -> on_colours_changed
       utils.ColorPicker -> utils.ColourPicker
       utils.GetSysColor -> utils.GetSysColour
       window.GetColorCUI -> window.GetColourCUI
       window.GetColorDUI -> window.GetColourDUI
       IGdiBitmap GetColorScheme -> GetColourScheme
- CHG: The IFbPlaybackQueueItem interface and plman.CreatePlaybackQueueItem
       method have been removed.
- CHG: plman.GetPlaybackQueueContents has been replaced with plman.GetPlaybackQueueHandles
       which returns a handle list. You can check the Count property so there is no longer
       any need for plman.GetPlaybackQueueCount and plman.IsPlaybackQueueActive
       which have been removed.
- CHG: on_refresh_background_done and window.GetBackgroundImage have both
       been removed.
- CHG: The IGdiBitmap BoxBlur method has been removed. Try StackBlur instead.
- CHG: IContextMenuManager InitContext only accepts a handle list as an argument.
- CHG: Anyone who has a "js_settings" folder in their foobar2000 profile folder
       from using my previous samples should move the contents in to the "js_data"
       folder. Typically, this would be autoplaylists.json, thumbs.ini, listenbrainz.ini.
- NEW: Enable Windows XP support. Also, support for Vista/7/WINE with IE7/IE8 has
       been restored. ES5 features are still supported for those with IE9 or later.
       If your scripts crash after upgrading and making the changes outlined above, make
       sure to check the "Script Engine" setting in the "Configuration Window".
- NEW: Add utils.WriteTextFile. Always creates a UTF8-BOM file.
- NEW: Add window.Name property. See docs\interfaces.txt.
- NEW: Add a custom "Playback Stats" backend and "handle" methods for writing values.
       This has had breaking changes since "Beta4" so any existing users must look at updated
       wiki and update their script. All previously saved data should be fine.

See the following pages for full details:


foo_run 0.3.8

ZitatCHG: preference page now uses apply logic and doesn't display legacy warning anymore.
CHG: removed some outdated default services and added Wikipedia and DuckDuckGo.
CHG: updated to foobar2000 SDK 2018-03-06


02. Februar 2019, 15:36:53 #108 Letzte Änderung: 02. Februar 2019, 15:44:12 von grimes
Playlist Attributes 0.5.5 (foo_playlist_attributes) Updater

- fixed: if the status for "Playback follows cursor" was changed during playback, it wasn't always properly reset to the correct status after playback stopped
- fixed: if a playlist has "remove played tracks" and "remove skipped tracks" set and the playback continues on a prioritized playlist, the last played track and the following track were removed from the first playlist instead only the last played track
- fixed: if "remove played track" was set for a prioritized playlist and the last track was skipped, the playback stopped instead of continuing on the playlist, which is set for the prioritized playlist for "Continue on playlist". As a subsequent error tracks on the "continue playlist" were errorneously removed under certain conditions
- other: compiled with SDK-2018-10-11
- other: foobar2000 1.4+ is now required
- other: windows runtime libraries need to be installed (automatically provided by foobar2000 1.4+)
- other: Windows XP and Windows Vista are not supported anymore

0.5.4 (not released):
- changed: make the context menu entry "stop on focused track" always available, when the focused track of the active playlist is part of the relevant selected items, even if the source is not a playlist viewer.

0.5.3 (not released):
- fixed: regression in 0.5.0: replaygain values were not used when "Resume playback after restarting foobar2000" was activated for the first track after a restart


WASAPI shared output 0.6.7 (foo_out_wasapis) Updater

Zitat von: undefinedShared mode WASAPI output for Vista and newer Windows versions.

This component tries to provide smoother volume adjustment and seek/pause/stop transitions than existing outputs.

0.6.7 (2019-09-03): Fixed stuttering with extreme downsampling ratios. Problem was introduced by the processing change in v0.6.5.



11. September 2019, 20:00:30 #111 Letzte Änderung: 11. September 2019, 20:07:55 von tedgo
Discord Rich Presence 1.2.0-preview+869188f (foo_discord_rich)

ZitatDisplays information about currently played track via Discord Rich Presence.

- Text fields configuration via title formatting queries.
- foo_acfu integration.

* Added playback status images.

* Added new options to main Preferences tab:
  Playback status image: light, dark, disabled.
  Disable Rich Presence when playback is paused.
  Swap paused and playing images.

* Added advanced Preferences tab with options to customize component:
  Discord application key.
  Resource IDs for corresponding images in the component.

* Added a link to the title formatting help in main Preferences tab.

* Improved the frequency of presence updates.

* Fixed title formatting not updating when pausing and resuming playback.
* Fixed one-character text not displaying.


Youtube Source 3.2 (foo_youtube) Updater

Zitat* added Managed source for madVR
* auto checking for updated third-party libraries now is also possible for External and System sources
* few other improvements and fixes