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02. Februar 2019, 15:36:53 #105 Letzte Änderung: 02. Februar 2019, 15:44:12 von grimes
Playlist Attributes 0.5.5 (foo_playlist_attributes) Updater

- fixed: if the status for "Playback follows cursor" was changed during playback, it wasn't always properly reset to the correct status after playback stopped
- fixed: if a playlist has "remove played tracks" and "remove skipped tracks" set and the playback continues on a prioritized playlist, the last played track and the following track were removed from the first playlist instead only the last played track
- fixed: if "remove played track" was set for a prioritized playlist and the last track was skipped, the playback stopped instead of continuing on the playlist, which is set for the prioritized playlist for "Continue on playlist". As a subsequent error tracks on the "continue playlist" were errorneously removed under certain conditions
- other: compiled with SDK-2018-10-11
- other: foobar2000 1.4+ is now required
- other: windows runtime libraries need to be installed (automatically provided by foobar2000 1.4+)
- other: Windows XP and Windows Vista are not supported anymore

0.5.4 (not released):
- changed: make the context menu entry "stop on focused track" always available, when the focused track of the active playlist is part of the relevant selected items, even if the source is not a playlist viewer.

0.5.3 (not released):
- fixed: regression in 0.5.0: replaygain values were not used when "Resume playback after restarting foobar2000" was activated for the first track after a restart


11. September 2019, 20:00:30 #106 Letzte Änderung: 11. September 2019, 20:07:55 von tedgo
Discord Rich Presence 1.2.0-preview+869188f (foo_discord_rich)

ZitatDisplays information about currently played track via Discord Rich Presence.

- Text fields configuration via title formatting queries.
- foo_acfu integration.

* Added playback status images.

* Added new options to main Preferences tab:
  Playback status image: light, dark, disabled.
  Disable Rich Presence when playback is paused.
  Swap paused and playing images.

* Added advanced Preferences tab with options to customize component:
  Discord application key.
  Resource IDs for corresponding images in the component.

* Added a link to the title formatting help in main Preferences tab.

* Improved the frequency of presence updates.

* Fixed title formatting not updating when pausing and resuming playback.
* Fixed one-character text not displaying.


17. September 2019, 07:31:35 #107 Letzte Änderung: 17. September 2019, 11:56:28 von tedgo
Spider Monkey Panel 1.2.2-preview+0db3c6a4 (foo_spider_monkey_panel)

Alternative zum JScript Panel.
(Nutzt statt der Microsoft Chakra engine die Mozilla Spider Monkey engine. Die Scripts sind aber nicht kompatibel!)

* API changes:
  - Added global constructor for `GdiFont`.
  - Added support for passing arguments to the callback in `setInterval` and `setTimeout`.

* More accurate colour calculation in `GetColourScheme` and `GetColourSchemeJson`.
* Made GetColourXXX and GetFontXXX behaviour more consistent:
  - GetColourXXX always returns black colour when the requested one is not available.
  - GetFontXXX always returns null when the required font is not found.
* Tweaked GC behaviour to reduce memory consumption during panel reload.
* Updated `HtmlDialogWithCheckBox` sample.

* A lot of fixes to `utils.ShowHtmlDialog`:
  - Fixed an occasional fb2k crash.
  - Added proper shortcut handling (e.g. CTRL-C, CTRL-V).
  - Fixed `enter` key always closing the dialog.
  - Fixed incorrect handling of some keyboard events (e.g. space and tab keys).
* Fixed `FbUiSelectionHolder.SetPlaylistSelectionTracking` not working.
* Fixed fb2k crash when there is an error in a cached script.
* Fixed slow script handler triggering wrongly with some modal dialogs.
* Fixed error report being blank in some cases.
* Fixed docs for `FbMetadbHandle.GetFileInfo`: was missing info about return value.
* Fixed crashes in `jsplaylist-mod`, `js-smooth`, `thumbs` and other complete samples (by marc2003).

ZitatPS: the version is called "preview", because it was built manually on my PC (instead of appveyor CI as before). Because of Microsoft shenanigans this is the only way right now. It will be republished as a proper non-preview version once MS fixes the bug (mind you, it's already been two months since the bug was reported). It will be the same though functionality-wise (unless there are bugs discovered, of course)


Utility DSP Array 1.2 (foo_dsp_utility) Updater

Zitat1.1 highlights: Added Upmix and Stereo Balance
1.2 highlights: Fixed Sample Offset not always applying offset with Converter if "don't reset DSP" option isn't checked.



WASAPI shared output 0.6.8 (foo_out_wasapis) Updater

Zitat* Removed locks from the playback thread. Added error details previously only shown on console to the error popup


Skip Track 1.16 (foo_skip) Updater

Zitat1.16 (2019-10-04): Reintroduced bookmarking support (requires foobar2000 v1.5 series).
1.15 (2019-08-24): The DSP is automatically enabled when playback is started on foobar2000 v1.5 series and disabled on foobar2000 v1.4 series.
1.15 beta 2 (2019-08-20): Restored the ability to force play a skippable track that got broken in beta 1. Made the component not skip the playing track mid-playback if the decoder gets reinitialized for any reason.
1.15 beta 1 (2019-08-07): Added support for arbitrary number of skip positions. Added support for new APIs introduced with foobar2000 v1.5. The new interface makes the component fully compatible with External Tags and partial skipping works without altering track lengths and remains compatible with DSP effects. The component needs to be inserted into the DSP chain on foobar2000 v1.5.
1.10.3 (2019-07-29): Removed the restrictions added for 1.10 that excluded the component from streams and prevented it from using input redirectors
1.10.2 (2019-07-19): Removed External Tags exclusion when new-enough version of the component is installed. Restored partial skip support for tracks that would normally be skipped
1.10.1 (2019-07-17): Fixed delay insertion when continuously skipping tracks. Fixed "stop playback after repeated skips" to work when looping backwards. Fixed manual skip override to work with m-TAGS
1.10 (2019-07-16): Added configuration to select if full track skipping should be active outside normal playback. Fixed queue not being able to force play tracks that would normally be skipped. Fixed Previous button being able to jump backwards in history over skipped tracks. Removed bookmark support
1.10 beta 2 (2019-07-14): Made "Skip even manually selected tracks" setting work. Prevented the component from being able to freeze the player on continuous track skipping.
1.10 beta 1 (2019-07-14): Removed DSPs and made the skip component work as an input decoder. Added option to stop playback on repeated skips
1.9.10 (2018-01-06): Skip timestamp parser doesn't overflow from decimals so easily anymore. Dynamic C runtime version for foobar2000 v1.4


Fade In/Out DSP 1.0.5 (foo_dsp_fadeinout) Updater

ZitatAdded option to disable track change detection


External Tags 1.5.8 (foo_external_tags) Updater

ZitatMade external tag commit able to use the optional file timestamp preservation feature introduced in foobar2000 v1.5.


Waveform Minibar (mod) 1.0.31 (foo_wave_minibar_mod) Updater

ZitatAdded file lock manager support to allow tagging files during waveform scanning.


MathAudio Room EQ 2.7.3 (foo_room_eq)

ZitatThis update is our response to those users who asked us about the possibility of trying B&K and Harman target curves. Some explanations are given at the beginning of the Room EQ FAQ: https://mathaudio.com/room-eq-faq.htm


Youtube Source 3.3.1 (foo_youtube) Updater

Zitat* Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional) translations
* several fixes for Youtube


JScript Panel v2.3.3.1 (foo_jscript_panel)

Zitat* Fix rare crash with utils.ReadTextFile.
* Add utils.ReadUTF8. It's preferable to use this when you know the file is UTF8 encoded... such as ones written by utils.WriteTextFile. Continue to use utils.ReadTextFile if the files are UCS2-LE, ANSI or unknown.


30. November 2019, 18:24:29 #118 Letzte Änderung: 30. November 2019, 18:34:31 von grimes Grund: datum fixed
Columns UI v1.3.0 beta 1 (foo_ui_columns)

Zitat von: undefinedWhen using in-line field editing in the playlist view, it's now possible to enter multiple field values by separating values with semicolons. [#263]

When using in-line field editing in list views such as the playlist view, all text in the edit box can now be selected by pressing Ctrl-A. (Note that Windows 10 1809 and newer already supported this keyboard shortcut natively.) [#257, ui_helpers#41]

The Item properties panel can now display custom information sections from third-party components. [#251]

A main menu item for showing and hiding artwork in the playlist view was added. [#262]

Various default settings were updated:

All built-in panels now have a default edge style of 'none'. [#242]

The Windows notification icon is now disabled by default. [#245]

Tooltips are now enabled in the playlist view by default. [#258]

The default playlist switcher configuration now includes a playing indicator in playlist titles. [#248]

The default information sections displayed by the Item properties panel were changed. [#253]

The default metadata field titles in the Item properties panel now use sentence case. [#253]

Bug fixes
A crash when dragging items over a playlist with a very long name was fixed. [#264, ui_helpers#46]

When typing the name of an item in a list view to jump to that item, the space key now correctly jumps to matching items. [#246, ui_helpers#41]

Various bugs relating to the display of ellipses in truncated text containing colour codes were fixed. [#250, ui_helpers#42, ui_helpers#43]

The expansion state of items in the layout tree on the Layout preferences page is now fully preserved when moving items up and down. [#255]

Panel options on the Layout preferences page are now always correctly disabled after the tree selection is cleared (such as after selecting a different preset). [#261]

When a panel with a custom title is copied and pasted, the custom title is now correctly set on the pasted panel. [#254]

Internal changes
The internal state management of the layout tree on the Layout preferences page was reworked. [#231, #256, #260]

The component is now compiled using foobar2000 SDK 2019-09-18. [#243]

The component is now compiled using Visual Studio 2019 16.3.