DarkOne v4 - CUI-Konfiguration im neuen Gewand

Begonnen von tedgo, 23. März 2013, 12:50:23

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I have been using DarkOne v4 on a 4K monitor with success by enlarging fonts, etc. however there are a few things I cannot figure out and I was hoping to get some guidance.

1. In the right panel for each track it lists the rating (stars) and the length of the track however I cannot figure out how to expand the size of this column. When I enlarge the window the overall width of the track name expands but the width of the rating/time always remains the same. I have a similar issue with the group heading with year, genre, etc. for the album. I would like to make this column wider so that my enlarged font will display the information properly.

2. The Now Playing flashing image for the current track is very small next to my enlarged font, is there a way to enlarge this image?

Thank you.