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Allgemein / Re: foobar2000 - Updates
Letzter Beitrag von grimes - 01. September 2020, 10:50:30
foobar2000 v1.6 beta 18

ZitatFixed a long time bug causing files with very long names inside ZIP archives to be unplayable.
Internal changes in resampler management.
Allgemein / Re: Foobar versehentlich reset...
Letzter Beitrag von grimes - 29. August 2020, 23:06:03
Wenn Du keine Sicherungskopie hast, ist alles verloren. Eine gefährliche Funktion.
Allgemein / Foobar versehentlich resetet
Letzter Beitrag von djd - 29. August 2020, 21:53:47
Hi, habe aus versehen bei RESET byw. Reset this Page auf reset all gedrückt.
Habe ich eine Möglichkeit auf meine alten Werte inklusive der Playlisten zu kommen

Danke für die Hilfe
LG Jürgen
Allgemein / Re: foobar2000 - Updates
Letzter Beitrag von grimes - 27. August 2020, 18:49:58
foobar2000 v1.6 beta 17

ZitatFixed more stuck playback bugs with very short files.
Fixed installer flagging Columns UI as not working, if manually installed.
Allgemein / Re: foobar2000 - Updates
Letzter Beitrag von grimes - 27. August 2020, 17:12:30
foobar2000 v1.6 beta 16

ZitatRevised automatic resampling behaviors, addressing "unsupported stream format" playback errors.
Fixed a crash when trying to load album art from a cuesheet that references itself.
Fixed stuck playback when playing very short files with varying channel counts.
Allgemein / Re: foobar2000 - Updates
Letzter Beitrag von grimes - 24. August 2020, 17:02:32
foobar2000 v1.6 beta 15

ZitatFixed stuck WASAPI playback at the end of playlist.
Worked around device-in-use error when cycling smooth playback toggle while playing.
Columns UI / Re: DarkOne v4 - CUI-Konfigura...
Letzter Beitrag von junkmann - 23. August 2020, 16:13:28

I have been using DarkOne v4 on a 4K monitor with success by enlarging fonts, etc. however there are a few things I cannot figure out and I was hoping to get some guidance.

1. In the right panel for each track it lists the rating (stars) and the length of the track however I cannot figure out how to expand the size of this column. When I enlarge the window the overall width of the track name expands but the width of the rating/time always remains the same. I have a similar issue with the group heading with year, genre, etc. for the album. I would like to make this column wider so that my enlarged font will display the information properly.

2. The Now Playing flashing image for the current track is very small next to my enlarged font, is there a way to enlarge this image?

Thank you.
Allgemein / Re: foobar2000 - Updates
Letzter Beitrag von grimes - 22. August 2020, 10:15:59
foobar2000 v1.6 beta 14

ZitatImproved handling of file modification timestamps in ZIP and RAR archives.
Fixed audio glitching when changing DSP settings - most apparent when dragging equalizer sliders.
Fixed a bug causing high CPU usage with some autoplaylists (force sorted with no sort pattern specified).
Allgemein / Re: foobar2000 - Updates
Letzter Beitrag von grimes - 19. August 2020, 10:18:44
foobar2000 v1.6 beta 13

ZitatFixed ZIP reader memory leak bug. Thanks to djdron for reporting.
Improved behavior when audio output device is in exclusive use by another application.
Allgemein / Re: foobar2000 - Updates
Letzter Beitrag von grimes - 17. August 2020, 20:07:09
foobar2000 v1.6 beta 12

ZitatRemoving tags from raw AAC files now works properly.
Changed automatic resampling behaviors. Choice of output method no longer affects the visualisations.
The default output now works properly if fed sample rate different from what it expects, resamples on its own if needed (otherwise ABX component would not work).
If not overridden by user, the default resampler for automatic conversions is SSRC.
File Operations, Converter: Fixed file name sanitizer removing additional dots before the file extension.
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